25% Off Last Weekend of March in Warm Springs

YOUR villa awaits! You desire some lovely mountain quiet to just relax and get away from it all. Come by yourself or bring your spouse or friend to this 2 bedroom gem. 25% off the last weekend in March getaway special. Grab this now and take the time you well deserve. Everything is there for you so don't sweat the small stuff. Just throw some clothes in a suitcase and come. Near the famous Jefferson spa pools to soak and relax. Mountain views. Enjoy the peaceful cozy glassed in sunroom with widescreen tv for some diversion ... or write at the desk on the second floor private boudoir. Room for privacy for 4 if you want to bring others. Applies to other villa stay if Serenity is not available. Call Jan for this special deal. 717-951-3955

Event Dates/Times

3/27/2015 - 3/30/2015