Wilderness Road State Park

Wilderness Road State Park was purchased in 1993. The park is about  310 acres that lie astride the Wilderness Road, a route carved by Daniel  Boone in 1775. The route, which followed a buffalo trace, opened  America's first western frontier. Most notable in the park are the  Karlan Mansion built in the 1877, a state-of-the-art visitor center and  Martin's Station, a replica of a colonial frontier fort that was on this  site in 1775. Bikes can be rented to ride the Wilderness Road Trail, an  eight-mile multi-purpose trail that passes through the park. The park  also has the Indian Ridge Trail, which is a self-guided trail, and  offers interpretive and environmental educational programs. Snacks and  other merchandise are available year-round at the Powder Horn Gift Shop  in the visitor center.


 Parking fee