Virginia Nature Guide

Master Naturalist led outing. Nature Studies & Light Hiking: Virginia Nature Guide provides interesting outdoors' activities with an "educational twist". While most people hike or walk from A to Z and say "it was nice", we provide knowledge of the surrounding forest. With us, you will explore and identify natures unique diversity such as: Forest Communities, Indicator Species, Forest Strata, Bloom Timing, "Virginia Wildflower, Butterfly and Tree Identification (including American Chestnut)", Vernal Pools, Wildlife Trails & Signs, “Trout Streams Structure & Habitat”, Old Field Succession, Waterfalls, Ecotones, Woodlots, Wildlife Viewing, Night Hikes, Scouting Wildlife, Geat Views and more.  Join Virginia Nature Guide for an adventure into Virginia’s forest and Wilderness Areas. "The forest is alive" if you open your eyes and mind to listen, learn and explore.  With Virginia Nature Guide, the forest is alive. Available to individuals up to two couples. Explorations are typically 3-4 hours. Times vary from daybreak to night time. Located in the central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  For more visit