Virginia Creeper Trail Guide

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a 35 mile multiple-use trail rail trail in southwestern Virginia.  The trail runs from Abingdon through Damascus to Whitetop, Va, near the North Carolina state line -through National Forest and crosses numerous trestles.

In Damascus, "the Friendliest Town on the Traill", the Creeper crosses over the many national and regional trails that pass through this little town.  The Virginia Creeper Trail, Appalachian Trail, 76 TransAm Bicycle Route, Crooked Road, Round the Mountain, Iron Mountain Trail, and the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail all cross at the same intersection.

The Trail that began as a Native American footpath and later, the European pioneers, as well as early explorer Daniel Boone, used the trail that traversed through the beautiful area. Shortly after 1900, W.B. Mingea constructed the Virginia-Carolina Railroad from Abingdon to Damascus. In 1905, the line was extended to Konnarock and Elkland, NC. In its day, the line hauled lumber, iron ore, supplies, and passengers. It got its nickname, Virginia Creeper, from the early steam locomotives that struggled slowly up the railroad's steep grades.

Bicycle rental and shuttle services are available for a fun filled family adventure.