Virginia Capital Trail

The Virginia Capital Trail is a dedicated, paved pedestrian and bicycle trail that will connect the Commonwealth’s past and present capitals of Jamestown and Richmond along the Scenic Route 5 corridor.

Once complete, the Trail will traverse approximately 52 miles, four jurisdictions, and more than 400 years of history along one of the first inland routes in North America.

There are five open sections of the Trail:

  • Richmond Riverfront – .5 miles (parking at Great Shiplock Park along Dock Street)
  • Charles City Courthouse, 7.5 miles (parking at Visitors Center)
  • Sherwood Forest, 13 miles (parking at Charles City Courthouse complex or Chickahominy Riverfront Park)
  • Chickahominy Riverfront, 5 miles (parking at Chickahominy Riverfront Park or Jamestown High School)
  • Greensprings, 3 miles (parking at Jamestown Settlement; trailhead across Route 39)

More information and a detailed trail map are available on our website at