The Garden Maze at Luray Caverns

Unravel the mystery at one of the largest hedge mazes in the Mid-Atlantic states - a one acre ornamental garden at Luray Caverns. 

Mazes are rooted in mystery and have existed for centuries in scores of cultures in countless forms around the world.  They have been designed for entertainment, recreation, for objects of art, for magic and meditation.  At Luray Caverns, over 1500 Dark American Arborvitae create a 1/2 mile pathway of puzzlement.  The trees in The Garden Maze are eight feet tall and four feet wide and are enhanced with a misting fog at strategic locations to provide cooling and special effects. The illogical rythm of the twisting pathways lead adventurers past fountains and into a cave.  At forty points the challenger must choose a direction in order to solve the riddle.  An elevated platform provides relief for those hopelessly lost.

Join in America's latest craze – the maze – and experience this surreal world of disarray.