Strasburg Striders (a Shenandoah Valley Hiking Club)

Strasburg Striders is a weekly Shenandoah Valley Hiking Club that meets for a new adventure every Saturday Morning at 9 a.m. in front of the Strasburg Theater at 151 W King Street in Strasburg.  John Tefft, leader and guide, is an avid hiker who knows the local trails like the back of his hand, but prides himself on keeping the hikes fun for everyone regardless of age or ability level.  One week the hike may include a stopover at a favorite swimming hole, the next week may offer an opportunity to feast on fresh berries, still another week's hike may be chosen for its breathtaking beauty, and another still yet for the fun, historic, or cultural site the hike may lead to.  For more details and information, visit or