ShadowLand Laser Adventures

Enter ShadowLand’s huge, 6000 sq ft, multi-level, eerie fog-filled, carpeted arena where adventure waits around every corner. Towers, ramps, turrets, and catwalks provide a 3-D landscape unlike anything you've experienced before. Our specialty lighting and music will pump you up to be the best! Play a team game and complete the objective or play solo and have a blast tagging your friends! ShadowLand creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is sure to bond your family, group or office personnel closer together.  Interact with our exclusive GEM’s as you battle for your chance at Laser-Tag Stardom!  ShadowLand provides fantastic ’whole group’ activities for families, youth groups, sports teams and businesses and has been the #1 group destination in the DC/MD/VA area for 15 years!   For more information on how to make ShadowLand a part of your visit call us today or visit our website:


 There is a charge per adventure played. There are group discounts.