Rockfish River Loop Trail

A network of trails provides public access to the South Fork of the Rockfish River and Reid's Creek. Parking is available at both Spruce Creek Park and Rockfish River trailhead. Currently, the maroon trail (on the website) through Spruce Creek Park is open. The blue trail from the 151 / Rockfish River trailhead to Glenthorne Loop and Reid's Creek is open, but not yet a full loop. The green loop along Reid's Creek is only partially open until fencing and bridge work can be completed over the next few months. 

The natural-surface trails are open for hikes and birdwatchers. 6 miles of trail in loops of various lengths can be woven together or enjoyed as smaller pieces, allowing a new experience with every visit. Recognized as part of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail, the loops offer spectacular views of natural beauty.