Pursuit Sportfishing Charters LLC

The crew of Pursuit Sport  Fishing Charters invites you aboard.  We wish to share the enthusiasm  and excitement of friends and families that have fished with us for  nearly 2 decades.  Our boats have grown over the years but we are very  happy with our current boat "Final Pursuit", a Pursuit Model 3000  Offshore, rigged and ready for any type of fishing that the mid-Atlantic  has to offer.  From the Lower Chesapeake Bay, to the Norfolk Canyon, to  the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the crew of Pursuit Sport Fishing is  anxious to get you on the water and in pursuit of your favorite game  fish.  Whether it be for meat, for sport, or simply for the camaraderie  of the anglers on board, we are committed to a safe, exciting, and  enjoyable adventure.

Pursuit Sport Fishing is a family business.  Capt. Joe and Vicky  founded the business and are joined by their daughter and husband –  Stephanie and Rudy – and son – Adam.  All are avid sportsmen and active  participants in the business.  Our background creates an environment  that is especially welcoming of family crews and has led to the motto...

Family Owned...Family Friendly.