Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap OHV System

Known as the largest OHV complex in the state of Virginia, Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap is an adventure you will never forget. With the wind in your face, zip along this rugged trail system with exciting twists and turns.\

Each year, this OHV Trail System is closed to all motorized use beginning in late January through late March.  Please call before you haul (540) 984-4101.

The Lee Ranger District has close to 40 miles of motorized OHV trails. These are grouped together on Massanutten Mountain, along the west side, between Moreland Gap Road and the Woodstock Tower Road. There is parking at the north end, off the tower road, and in the center, in Edinburg Gap, where there is also a restroom. 

Off-Highway vehicles (OHVs) include four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, motorbikes, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

GPS Coordinates for OHV Trails

  • South Peters Mill Run Trailhead N 38 degrees 47' 21.8" W 78 degrees 31' 8" 1728 ft elevation
  • North Peters Mill Run Trailhead N 38 degrees 52' 26.4" W 78 degrees 26' 23.7" 1527 ft. elevation
  • Edinburg Gap Trailhead N 38 degrees 47' 19.1" W 78 degrees 31'19.2" 1730 ft. elevation
  • Taskers Gap Trailhead N 38 degrees 45' 55.7" W 78 degrees 30' 49.2" 1480 ft. elevation
  • Wagon Road Trailhead N 38 degrees 52' 3.4" W 78 degrees 26' 36.7" 1359 ft. elevation