Lake Rawlings, A Scuba & Camping Park

Lake Rawlings is located in Rawlings, Brunswick County, in south central Virginia. Located 2-1/2 miles from Exit 39, I-85, it is an ideal destination for weekend and day divers, or for divers who are traveling on or near I-85, I-95 or I-64.  Lake Rawlings is a privately-owned scuba & camping park open to the public in the state of Virginia.  The park features very clear lake water for scuba diving and snorkeling.  Other attractions include a Nomad 22 airplane at 60', open cockpit boats, automobiles, an end-of-road display (barrier, mailbox, street/directional sign and car), two school busses (one at 30'), a cabin cruiser, fishing boat at 60' and the sailboat shell used in the underwater scene of the Warner Brothers movie, "The Replacements". Lake Rawlings, staffed by friendly and courteous professionals, is a fun place to visit.


 $25.00 per diver