James River Cats

Lower James River Catfishing

Catfishing on the James River in Virginia can be a fishing trip of a lifetime. Trophy blue catfish are caught on a daily basis. And according to Bob Greenlee, district fisheries biologist for VDGIF (Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries), the James River is now a nationally recognized blue catfish fishery. Anglers from all over the country have heard of the James River and its monster catfish and catching a trophy catfish is not an unrealistic expectation by any means.

The current state record of 109 pounds and was caught on Kerr Lake,the former state record of 102 lbs-4oz caught May 20, 2009 was off the James River.  With the blue catfish population continuing to expand, both in numbers and in size, and along with the spirit of catch-and-release displayed among the serious catfishermen, only enhances the possibility of your catch of a lifetime.