Huntley Meadows Park

This 1,554 acre park in urban Northern Virginia includes wetlands, forest, meadows, streams and a pond.  There are resident deer, fox, beaver, heron, hawks as well as abundant wildflowers.  Facilities include a visitor center, auditorium, exhibits, interpretive trail with wetlands boardwalk and observation platforms.

History                                       In colonial times, this land was part of the extensive plantation        holdings of George Mason IV. Thomson Mason, a grandson of George Mason,        built a home on the property in 1825. The villa, now known as Historic        Huntley, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the        Virginia Landmarks Register, and the Fairfax County Historic House        Inventory. An exhibit of Historic Huntley is available online. Mason        family ownership lasted into the late 1800s, with track of the land        being sold to other farmers. The house, along with a large portion of        land, was sold to Albert W. Harrison who converted the grain farm to a        dairy operation.