Hog Island Wildlife Management Area

The 3908 acre Hog Island Wildlife Management Area consists of three tracts of land. Two of these are in Surry County — the Hog Island Tract at the end of the peninsula and the Carlisle Tract on the peninsula's east side. The other, the Stewart Tract, is in Isle of Wight County. The Hog Island Tract is open land and pine forest interspersed with tidal marshes and controlled ponds. The Carlisle Tract is the management area's "upland". Here, timbered areas have been reforested with loblolly pine, and plantings of wildlife food and cover crops are located along power line rights-of-way. The area is exceptional for wildlife viewing. Waterfowl blinds are available by special drawing.

Access to the area is through the Surry Nuclear Power Station from state Route 10, between the towns of Surry and Smithfield, north via Routes 650 or 617.