Harkrader Sports Complex

Harkrader Sports Complex opened  in 2006 and is located behind the Christiansburg Middle School. The  complex has three lighted, multipurpose fields, two of which have 300  foot dimensions and are used for tournament play.

A central tower houses a concession stand and restrooms on the main  level.  The upper part of the tower has an umpire room, office, and room  for scorekeepers, scoreboard operators, media, and staff. There is also  a walking path, tennis and basketball courts, picnic tables, and two  playground areas.

Harkrader Sports Complex is heavily used from spring to fall and is  often the host site for local baseball tournaments. Harkrader Sports  Complex has hosted the Dixie Boys World Series in 2010 and 2012.   Harkrader was also the host of the 2013 USSSA Baseball World Series.   The Harkrader Sports Complex and the Town of Christiansburg is expected  to be the host of the 2014 Nations Baseball World Series and the 2014  USSSA Baseball World Series.