Hampton Roads Charters--The Ocean Eagle

Go where the fish are with Captain Howard Wainwright and his crew aboard this 65-foot, 70-passenger headboat. The  Ocean Eagle is a 65 ft. United States Coast Guard inspected fishing  charter vessel. She is certified to carry up to 68 passengers. Built out  of Mahogany back in 1962 on Radio Island, North Carolina, The   Ocean Eagle is one of the most stable fishing boats on the east coast  She is heavy, thus giving her superior fishability on the Chesapeake Bay  and Hampton Roads. She is  equipped with the latest navigation and  safety equipment available. She  features an indoor seating area, plenty of exterior seating, two  toilets, a snack bar,and most importantly- Lots of Room for Fishing.  She is operated by an experienced, licensed Captain and an outstanding crew.

$35 per person. Rod, reel, bait and tax are included. Concession on board. Call for schedule, rates and reservations.


Running daily in spring/summer at 6:30 am. and 12:30 pm.
Night-fishing Wed, Fri and Sat from 6:30 -10:30 pm.
Closed Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Rockfish season starts Oct. 14th.


 $35 per person