G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management

Situated within a convenient distance of Northern Virginia's large, urban population but far removed in its setting against the quiet eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains the G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area is among the most popular of Game Department lands. 

The major portion of the area's two parcels - nearly 4,000 acres - is located in Northwestern Fauquier County. The property's  northwestern boundary closely follows the mountain crest, occasionally straying into Warren and Clarke Counties. Elevation ranges 700 to 2200'. Though predominately a hardwood forest, there is semi-open land at the lower elevations and at the top of the Davenport Tract. Physical features include numerous rock outcroppings, and several major streams and ecologically unique spring seeps. 

By far the most popular springtime activity on the Thompson Wildlife Management Area is viewing wildflowers where, at the higher elevations, a remarkable display of large-flowered trillium occurs.

Seven miles of the Appalachian Trail and other trails and interior roads invite hiking. Semi-open, shrubby areas and open parking areas on the mountain crest provide bird watchers with the opportunity to watch the concentration of hawks that migrate across the area each fall. Adjoining Sky Meadows State Park offers additional mountain scenery, hiking and wildlife viewing. 


 $4 Daily Access