Gathright Dam and Bolar Recreation Complex

The Bolar Mountain and Bolar Flat Recreation areas on the northwest shore of Lake Moomaw are among the most popular developed recreation areas in the George Washington National Forest.  Approved by Congress in 1947, the Gathright Dam and most of the recreation facilities were constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers between 1965 and 1979.  Gathright Dam and Lake Moomaw provide flood and water quality control along the Jackson and James Rivers in western Virginia. Much of the shoreline of Lake Moomaw is adjacent to the 13 acres T.M. Gathright Wildlife Management Area managed by VDGIF and is devoted to the management of wildlife. There are about 10 miles of maintained trails in the Bolar Recreation Area. Trails are for hiking only. The Grouse Point Overlook and the Island Overlook provide panoramic views of Lake Moomaw.