Fore Mountain Trail

Fore Mountain Trail is a scenic 13 mile hikin and mountain biking trail in northern Alleghany County.  Leaving Covington it rises to the top of Fore Mountain in a series of switchbacks.  The hike to the ridge top is steep but during leaf off it offers some great views of the Covington Area.  Once at the top, the trail runs the length of Fore Mountain.  It switches from one side of the ridge to the other several times on the journey east.  There are many clearings and ponds along the trail that offer good views and peaceful resting spots.  

At the end of the Fore Mountain Trail, the path continues on as Middle Mountain Trail to Douthat Lake in Douthat State Park, extending the 13 mile hike to a potential 18 mile hike if the hiker chooses the option of hiking to the State park.