Elizabeth River Ferry

A pedestrian ferry that connects Portsmouth with Norfolk. Catch the ferry from the Visitor Information Center at 6 Crawford Parkway or from High Street Landing, 1 High St. The ferry dates back to 1636 when a skiff was rowed across the river. After 1720, the ferry transported horse-drawn wagons and other wheeled vehicles across the river, but it still depended on men to row it. By 1794, six ferry boats were propelled by oarsmen between Norfolk and Portsmouth. Paddle-wheel vessels were used for the first time in 1821. The first steam-powered ferry came along in 1832. In 1918, the ferry carried 40 automobiles and 200 passengers and continued being used until the Downtown Tunnel to Norfolk opened to vehicular traffic in the early 1950s. The ferry made its last trip in 1955. Ferry service was restored between the two cities in 1983.