Dolphin and Whale Watching Boat Trips

“Our Dolphin Watching Tour aboard the Rudee Flipper is an Essential Trip for the both the aquatic Enthusiast and Vacationer alike!” Each Tour is narrated by our experienced staff who is ready to share their knowledge and answer your questions!

Begin to understand their lifestyles, behavior, hunting techniques, physical adaptations, and social hierarchy. You will also learn what is being done to protect this magnificent species.

Join us for a Winter Wildlife Tour aboard the Rudee Flipper! Our goal is to provide you with an exciting, memory building adventure. Discover Humpback and Fin Whales as they move in a seasonal migration along the Atlantic Seaboard.

The Ocean and Chesapeake Bay Entrance off of Virginia Beach are one of earth’s unique ecosystems and we want you to experience all that the region has to offer!

Marine life sightings are incredible with Whale sightings are our number one goal. You may also see brown pelicans, northern gannets, double-crested cormorants and other sea birds, all of which make a dramatic show while feeding on schools of fish.