Chincoteague Pony Centre

Welcome to the Chincoteague Pony Centre, home of the oldest established breeder of Misty family ponies. We have the largest herd of Misty family ponies on the Island. For a wonderful family experience to see and interact with real Chincoteague ponies, this is the best place to visit. Meet the descendants of Misty, (special thanks to the Allen family, owners of Misty's closest relatives). Sit down and enjoy a movie or stroll around the stables. There are many collectibles and antiques to look at or just relax with a cool drink and let life drift by. We offer pony rides, riding lessons, pony day camps and a gift shop filled with unique items including a large collection of Breyer models!

Pony rides, Horseback lessons designed with tourist horse enthusiasts in mind, pony rides for the little ones, pony day camps for the kids, and more are all part of the daily life at the Chincoteague Pony Centre.