Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve

Widely recognized as one of Virginia's greatest natural heritage treasures, Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve is a place like no other. Enjoy a half-mile hike up the scenic monadnock. Enjoy panoramic views of 50 miles on a clear day. Buffalo Mountain, named for its shape, boasts many rare plant and animal occurences. The combination of high-elevation (3,971 feet), wind-exposed openings at the summit, and magnesium rich soils create the uniqueness. On the treeless summit lives subalpine vegetation reminiscent of the Rocky Mountain. The south face of the mountain contains grassy, prairie-like openings composed of wildflowers and native warm-season grasses more typical to the Midwest. The base of the mountain supports globally rare grasses and wildflowers such as bog bluegrass and large-leaved grass-of-parnassus.