Biking in Botetourt

Certainly the most scenic and challenging bike route in Botetourt is along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bicycling is allowed and encouraged on the Parkway, but be prepared--there are few flat stretches.

Bikers of all levels find the Bike-76 route through the county enjoyable. It enters the county from the north on Frontage Road 55 (old US 11) coming out of Rockbridge County. It goes through Buchanan on US 11 and turns on Rt. 640 just south of town. The Bike-76 route follows Rt. 640 south to Nace then turns onto US 11 for a short distance before turning onto Rt. 651. It crosses US 11 in Troutville, and takes Rt. 779 over to US 220 in Daleville, crosses US 220 and follows Rt. 779 into Catawba Valley and Roanoke County as it continues south.