Balloons Over Virginia, Inc.

Your Hot Air Balloon Flight: "A MEMORY OF A LIFE TIME"

Gradually the grass sinks silently away and the earth kaleidoscopes into a masterful mosaic of color and texture. Your memory starts as you float aboard a beautiful nine-story tall balloon as gentle breezes carry you over the natural beauty of the serene landscape. Your senses will explode with the sweet aroma of pine, oak and magnolia. You have been launched on a magical voyage.

You will rise effortlessly above the earth for a picturesque view of the country-side. Watch closely for a herd of deer, a red fox running through the wheat field, a beaver repairing its dam or even the majestic eagle. You see everything in a different perspective, as if you are sitting on a cloud. Now you begin to understand the magic of hot air ballooning.

Serving Central Virginia since 1988.