Yates Tavern

Called the only building of its kind in Virginia by the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, Yates Tavern is unique for its jetties, second-floor protrusions of some 10" giving a bit more space in the upper floor.
This little building, constructed in the mid-1700’s, was home to several generations of the Yates family, who also took out licenses to operate an “ordinary,” a sort of frontier bed-and-breakfast. It was strategically located along the old Pigg River Road and only a few miles from Hickey’s Road, the first major road penetrating this part of western Virginia from the east.
The building is a frame structure. Its basement, which housed the kitchen, has rock walls two feet thick. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and Virginia Landmarks Register. Located on US 29, 1/4 mile south of Gretna. Open by appointment.