The Artful Lawyer, A Fine Gallery Inc.

The  Gallery exhibits and promotes the arts and crafts of local artists and  artisans. We are open daily, Monday through Friday, and for quarterly  gallery shows and special events.

When The Creekmore Law Firm moved to its new location on Main Street  in 2011, we recognized a unique opportunity to not only expand our  business practice but to become a part of Blacksburg's Creative Village.  After a few months of gathering hanging materials, pulling art contacts  together, creating a library space for Harding Avenue Elementary's art,  and becoming a Merchant Partner with the Blacksburg Regional Art Association,  we debuted our first art exhibit in December of 2011 to a gathering of  nearly 150 clients and friends. The interest and support was  overwhelming. We ran with the idea, forming our not-for-profit gallery  in 2012 and outfitted ourselves with a nouveau trés French shark logo.  We continued our art parties, now dubbed Whet Your Palette receptions,  and increased our regional online presence by joining Round the Mountain.

Since the popularity of that first art party, our walls have become  an ever-changing canvas to our local artists' imaginations–adults and  children alike–and our halls have been filled by an ever-changing mix of  friends, neighbors, clients and art patrons from all around. We are  dedicated to providing such a space as long as the creativity flows.