National Firearms Museum

The National Firearms Museum in Fairfax displays more than 2,000 historic firearms spanning 600 years in its 15,000-sq.-foot facility.  The museum's 14 galleries, located at the National Rifle Association Headquarters, trace the development of firearms and their relevance to America's heritage.  Some of America's firearms treasures are on display, including the oldest gun in America, a wheel lock musket that came over or the Mayflower, Kentucky rifles, oddities & curiosa, military arms, sporting guns, and target guns including those of Olympic gold medallists and national champions.  Famous individuals whose guns are on display include Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill Cody, Napoleon, Chuck Yeager, Jesse James, Tom Selleck, & more.  NFM store features NRA apparel, souvenirs, & great selection of gun books.