Museum of the Confederacy- Appomattox

Drawing from its rich collection of artifacts and documents, this Civil War museum interweaves the story of the Confederate States government, the military, civilians, and enslaved and free African-Americans. Exhibits detail events leading up to and following the War.  Visitors experience the "Appomattox moment" when the armies of two warring nations clashed at a rural crossroads in April of 1865.  The words of Robert E. Lee's final order to his troops can be heard surrounded by images and uniforms of those present at the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. Of special interest are General Lee's sword and the uniform that he wore to the meeting with Grant at Appomattox Court House. Visitors can explore the lives of soldiers, civilians and African-Americans, both during and after the War, with the interactive Wall of Faces.


 $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, $6 for youth age 7-13, free for children under 7.