Mill House Museum

The Mill House Museum is open daily from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. except for major holidays. Housed in a 1790's era miller's office, this quaint stone building is only one room in size but contains a collection that spans the centuries. There is an iron ingot from the 1755 iron furnace and artifacts from the old grist and cotton mills. Learn how the Civil War affected the town and view the new exhibit describing the deeds of Occoquan resident and abolitionist John Underwood. View a large collection of photos from the late 1800's. See local doctor Frank Hornbaker's medical bag and contents. Adjacent to the museum, along the Occoquan River, read the Civil War Trail and the historical marker describing the old mill. A little imagination with the whisper of the wind and you may just hear the horse's hooves on Nathaniel Ellicott's old wood bridge, bringing the mail and passengers from Alexandria!