George Washington Masonic Museum

Young George Washington was raised a Mason in this lodge in 1752.

The Masonic Lodge at Fredericksburg is one of the most historic Lodges and one of the oldest in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Although its building has only been around since 1816, its members have existed as a standing organization officially since 1752 recorded.

During the Revolution, this Lodge provided George Washington, Hugh Mercer, George Weedon, William Woodford, Fielding Lewis, Thomas Posey, Gustavus Wallace, the Marquis de Lafayette and ninety-four other of its brethren to the cause of American liberty.

Fredericksburg Lodge established America's oldest Masonic Cemetery in 1784, and maintains it to this day (with the help of the adjacent James Monroe Museum).

Entrusted to us are historical artifacts of great social and Masonic value such as the Holy Bible on which Brother George Washington took his Masonic Obligations, three hand-crafted Masonic "Warden's chairs" from Colonial America, a punch bowl used by the Marquis de Lafayette in 1824 when he became an honorary member, and an original Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington (the same picture you see on the dollar bill). These are just to name a few of the "National Treasures" that we strive to preserve.