Children's Museum of Richmond - Short Pump

Enjoy a day of Family Fun at the Children's Museum of Richmond's newest location in Short Pump! All exhibits layed out in one large room, make for a new and unique experience for all! See what parents and guests are saying about our new location!  "Exhibits seemed geared toward toddler aged children, rather than K-3rd. My 6 year old was bored quickly, but my 2 ½ year old was ‘just right.’ Both kids had a wonderful time."  "I do feel like this museum is geared more for preschool/kindergarten and younger aged children, which is GREAT!! I would have loved this location when my boys where toddlers. It was very open and clean.’’   "The Short Pump location seems great for the younger age, I LOVE IT! The downtown location is great for the next age group. They are great compliments to each other."  "I LOVE the layout. Great visibility."