American Armoured Foundation, Inc. - Tank Museum

Journey thru Military History at the most extensive collection of tank and cavalry artifacts collection found in the world. Primarily a Tank Museum by design, the Museum's diverse collection offers the visitor a great many other interesting items relating to Military History. The collection presently has over 120 tanks and artillery pieces, 150 mid size weapons, over 1500 Tank and cavalry uniforms, 1300 pieces of headgear, pins, patches, and other military memorabilia all pertaining to the Tank and Cavalry. The collection dates from 1509 to present day with all nations represented. Journey with us through the pages of military history. Prepare yourself for an awesome adventure for both young and old alike. Summer hours: Fri & Sat 10 to 4, Winter hours: Jan - March, Saturdays only 10 to 4


 $12 - $10