Yorktown National Cemetery

During the Civil War, Union forces at Yorktown buried their dead next to the spot where the British surrender of the 1781 Siege had occured - a surrender which effectively ended the American Revolutionary War.  By the end of the Civil War, over 600 Union dead were interred at this spot.  In 1866, as National Cemeteries were established to provide a more respectful burial for Union dead, this location became the  nucleus for the Yorktown National Cemetery.  By 1867 over 1,500 dead had been removed from battlefield and field hospital burials within a 50 mile radius of Yorktown and reinterred with the original 600.  Today, the Yorktown National Cemetery contains 2,204 burials, including a few Confederates and civilians.  Several hundred yards to the east lies a Confederate Cemetery of unknown burials marked by a single marker.