Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial is comprised of a seven-foot high by 156-foot long black granite wall with the names of all local Veterans Killed In Action from the Revolutionary War to the present. The slogan "Freedom Is Not Free" is the centerpiece of the memorial. Among the 1,463 names currently carved on the Wall, 897 are from the Civil War, the single most deadly war for local veterans. Also located on the site is a 10-foot wide circular brick Memorial Walkway with the names of Veterans engraved on individual bricks. Included in the Memorial Walkway are granite slabs with a brief history of each war from the Revolutionary War to the present. In the center of the Walkway are three flagpoles representing the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the POW/MIA flag. There are granite benches along the perimeter of the Walkway for visitors to pause and reflect.