The Cold War Museum

We are developing our permanent location at Vint Hill, a former Army Communication base used by the NSA, CIA, and Army Inteligence during the Cold War. Features in the permanent museum building will include a central hall with exhibits, a small theater, the main gallery, a picture gallery, library and study areas and gift store. The central hall will include items from the Berlin Airflift, USMLM, USS Pueblo, USS Liberty, the U-2 Incident, the Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban Missile Crissis.

The museum has a mobile exhibit on the U-2 Incident of May 1, 1960. The exhibit has been displayed at many museums across the United States and internationally. The traveling exhibit has acted as a catalyst for the creation of a permanent Cold War Museum. To reserve the mobile exhibit, please contact the Cold War Museum.

Hours of Operation: The Cold War Museum is currently finalizing displays and exhibits.  To view our temporary exhibits contact Executive Director Jason Hall by email ( for an appointment.