Tangier Island

Sail back in time from Onancock to this tiny Chesapeake Bay Island to experience life lived in the tranquil rhythm of the tides. Watermen still carry on the centuries-old tradition of harvesting the waters and visitors can enjoy the fresh bounty at several of the island’s nationally recognized home-style restaurants. Rent bikes or Tangier taxis – golf carts to cruise the nearly carless isle or take a tour with a native telling island tales in their unique sing-song Elizabethan twang. Shops provide perusing while the pristine shores are excellent for relaxing and scouting Native American arrowheads. Take a nature cruise with a Tangier captain to fish crab pots and discover the island’s legendary soft-shell crab farms. Come twilight, rock on the porch of a quaint B & B and listen to the creatures of the marsh softly serenade the island.