Sutherlin Mansion

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History is housed in the Sutherlin Mansion which was the former home of Major William T. Sutherlin, wartime quartermaster for Danville and among its most prominent citizens. For one week, 3-10 April 1865, Major and Mrs. Sutherlin opened their home to Jefferson Davis and the Confederate government. The Confederate President occupied a bedroom upstairs, now restored. In this house, he wrote and delivered his final proclamation to the Confederacy on April 4th and later that day, met for the last time with his full Cabinet (with the exception of his secretary of War, General Breckenridge). Largely because of the events documented in this house during the Confederacy's final week, Danville has become known as the "Last Capitol of the Confederacy."

The Museum is closed on Mondays.