St. John's Church in Hampton, Virginia

Established in 1610, St. John's is the oldest continuous English-speaking parish in the United States.  Since 1728, the church has been at its present site on lovely Queens Way; it is the only building standing today that survived the town's burning during the Civil War.  A recorded message introduces visitors to the church and its features, including a stained-glass window depicting the baptism of Pocahontas.

The 1618 Communion Silver is used today on special occasions and has the longest history of use of any English church silver in the U.S.  A small museum in the Parish Hall holds a “Breeches” Bible from 1599 and other colonial-era artifacts. If you like old stories and beautiful headstones, the church's graveyard is fascinating too.  

Guided tours are by appointment; Visitors are welcome Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat: 9am-Noon