Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church

The historic Sixth Mount Zion Bapist Church was organized in 1867 by the renowned African-American preacher, Reverend John Jasper.  Originally organized in an abandoned confederate horse stable, the church found a home in the Jackson Ward neighborhood in 1869. Jasper reached state-wide and national fame as a result of his outstanding oratory and fundamental belief in the Bible. He reached the height of his career in 1878 when he preached is controversial sermon "De Sun Do Move."  It was preached to thousands, and over 250 times upon request. Slated for demolition in the mid-50's, the church was spared from the path of Interstate 95 as it plowed through the predominately black neighborhhood. The John Japser Memorial Room is dedicated to the memory of Jasper and has a large collection of materials documenting the church's long history.