Singers Glen Historic District Walking Tour

Singers Glen is an historic settlement that is registered by the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission and the United States Department of the Interior.  It is located in a picturesque green mountain valley within 12 miles from Harrisonburg.    It was first settled by Joseph Funk in 1809 and other descendants of German Anabaptists who had been persecuted during the European Wars of Religion.  He is famous for printing and publishing the "Harmonia Sacra" here in 1847, a classic Mennonite hymnal featuring "shaped notes".  The people of Singers Glen invite you to follow a short self-guided "walk-about" of twenty-four 19th C. buildings  and sites within the village, that will give you a glimpse of its history.    Free walking tour guides are available at Harrisonburg Tourism in the Hardesty Higgins House in downtown Harrisonburg.