POW/MIA Memorial

The Virginia Chapter 1 of Rolling Thunder, Inc. has established a permanent memorial located in Jim Barnett Park in Winchester.

The memorial consists of a granite monument with the names of the POW/MIAs from Vietnam emblazoned upon it. POW/MIAs from other conflicts are memorialized with stone benches in an arch around an eighty foot circle. A four foot walkway around this circle is guarded by four by eight inch granite blocks. These blocks are engraved with messages of remembrance from contributors to the project.

At the head of the circle, and the focal point of the project, contributors have purchased granite blocks also engraved with words of recognition. Flags of the United States, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the POW/MIAs fly behind the granite monument. The monument and flags are continuously illuminated.

A Korean War Memorial is located next to the POW/MIA Memorial.