Pope Leighey: Frank Lloyd Wright House

Commissioned in 1939 by Loren Pope, Wright's innovative use of four natural materials created a sense of a large, more spacious abode - with only 1,200 square feet. In 1964, Mrs. Marjorie Leighey, the second owner of the house, donated the house and its furnishings to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Scheduled for demolition due to highway construction at its original Falls Church, Virginia location, the house was relocated to the grounds of Woodlawn.   The Pope-Leighey House today tells the story of Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative designs for a modestly-sized and affordable single-family house and how two families adapted the dwelling to fit their lifestyle. The house survives today as an example of preservation-in-action due to the combined efforts of Marjorie Leighey and the National Trust.