Painter Cemetery: Blue Ridge Parkway

Visitors along the Blue Ridge Parkway often overlook the fact that the landscape they are traveling was occupied in earlier historic times. Little has survived the passage of time of the settlers and farmers who once called this home. However, several cemeteries along the route bear mute testimony to these early dwellers and their desendents. The thirty some miles of Blue Ridge Parkway that passes through Carroll County, contains at least three marked cemeteries. At Mile Post 186.3, travelers can view a small family cemetery - mostly Painter names. Dates for the 14 grave markers date from 1892, 1899, 1900, 1917, 1930, and later. Nearby, on other side of the parkway in distant are the abandoned - yet scenic ruins - of Painter Farmstead (a recent parkway scenic viewshed study ranked this area high for visual aesthetics.