Monacan Indian Living History Village at Natural Bridge

Journey back 300 years! Wander along the Cedar Creek Trail beyond the Natural Bridge, the bridge of Monacan legend, to a one-of-a-kind replica Monacan Indian Village.

After founding the first North American colony, Capt. John Smith ventured into Monacan country, where he met one of the area's most powerful tribes. Learn about the people he encountered. Relive day-to-day life in a traditional Native American Woodland culture. Talk with Interpreters about shelter construction, hide tanning, mat and rope weaving, tool-making, gardening, harvesting, preparing meals, making pots, bowls and baskets.

Interpretive programs are held March-November, and are included with the Natural Bridge admission ticket.  

Escape Packages are available online that include attractions, one-night at the historic Natural Bridge Hotel, and country breakfast, starting at $99 for 2 people.

The Monacan Village at Natural Bridge is conveniently located just off I-81, at exits 180 & 175; and off the Blue Ridge Parkway.