Michie Tavern ca. 1784 --Where History is a Sensory Experience

Warm inviting smells of southern fried chicken, lively music & laughter often greets visitors shortly before they are formally welcomed to Michie Tavern. Guests are ushered into 18th century tavern life through a sensory experience where taste, touch, sight, smell, & sound recreate the past. Whether one dines on bountiful southern fare, engages in a self-guided exploration of the original tavern or visits 4 unique shops -- the Michie Tavern experience renders a remarkable & memorable journey .

HEARTY MIDDAY FARE IN RUSTIC TAVERN SETTING: Colonial fried chicken, marinated baked chicken, hickory smoked pork barbecue, black-eyed peas, cornbread & other southern staples offer mouth-watering authenticity. Virginia wines & pub ales. Unforgettable meal for families to enjoy.

TOUR ORIGINAL TAVERN. Discover Michie Tavern's 18th century history through a self-guided exploration.  Your tour reveals secrets to a traveler's revelry and a traveler's woes through interpretations on drinking, gaming, dining, sleeping and entertainment.  Tours are continuous and we invite guests to enjoy the Tavern at their own pace. Family-friendly. Educational. Fun.


 Adult Tour $6, Youth $2