Menokin was the home of Francis Lightfoot Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his wife, Rebecca Tayloe Lee.

At Menokin, you can experience an 18th century house like never  before. You can view, touch and feel its internal make-up as over 80% of  the parts and pieces of this collapsed house still exist.

We invite everyone to become part of the process as The Menokin  Foundation endeavors to restore this National Historic Landmark in a  revolutionary way using original fabric and architectural glass.

We will also stretch our lens back over time to reveal how this house  was built, how and why it fell down, and how The Menokin Foundation has  made remarkable strides to preserve and interpret what remains.

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 Entrance to the grounds and visitor's center: free. Guided tour inside the ruin: $10 per person.