Longdale Recreation Area

In the 1930's the Clifton Forge Chapter of the NAACP requested that the Forest Service construct a recreation area for use by the African Americans in the area.  During this era, segregation in America was the norm, and African Americans were prevented from using forest facilities.  The plans were approved in 1936 and construction of the recreation area began in 1938.  On June 15, 1940, the area was dedicated as "Green Pastures Recreation Area" and opened to the public.  Green Pastures was built by the Dolly Ann Civilian Conservation Corp Camp F24.  The bath house, picnic shelter, and the two restroom facilities are all original buildings.  The dam is also an original structure that was built by hand.  On April 23, 1963, the name was changed to Longdale matching the community name. The Longdale community is a Virginia Historic District. L