Historic Mural in Federal Building

The Federal Building in the Historic Downtown was built in 1939.  It was formerly the old Post Office.  

In the lobby is a long, large tempera painting done in 1943 by William H. Calfee (1909-1995), for many years a faculty member and chair of American University art department in Washington, D.C.  Calfee received the commission as part of a Treasury Department project.  This was completely separate from the WPA and intended to stimulate grass roots participation in art.

Harrisonburg's Town Square is the theme.  Shown is the former Lutheran Church and the Spring House.  Calfee also painted other post office murals in Virginia in the 1940s.

It was restored in the 1970s by Hiram Hoeltzer.

The mural is open to the public during regular office hours, however you have to go through 'security' to see it.